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Evangeline considered the man. Almost hm? It was hard to tell, considering his appearance. Well, it was hard to tell that she was as old as she was. Magic did strange things when age and physical appearance was involved. She considered it for a moment, feeling quite lost. “Two thousand?” She asked as she set up a barrier, only the slight twitching of her fingers giving anything away.

Mundane people would suddenly feel the urge to go elsewhere, and away from the park, which had very little people there at this time of day. Perhaps they had an appointment they’d forgotten about, or an emergency shopping trip. It was all in the mind.

“Ah, more or less,” he chuckled and rubbed the back of his head. He didn’t want to be specific but that was more or less his current age, given a few decades here and there. His ears perked up a bit, possibly due to his eyebrows raising a bit when he felt some sort of interference with the surrounding area. He figured that it was her doing and he became a bit wary.

“A barrier? Or a bounded field?” He shot her a glance as he asked her. He was unsure of what it was and it didn’t bother him in the slightest. Rather, he was more of the curious one, even if there might be repercussions later.

Evangeline raised an eyebrow as she began to walk into the park, scattering the birds that had stayed there to feed. “Unfixed barrier ward. I’d rather no mundanes be in the area should anything happen.” She said, her tone dry. “Unfortunate past experience, I’m afraid.” 

Spinning slightly to face him, she stared at him intently. “I’m surprised a being like you happened to be in the area.” She said, hands planted on her hips. “It’s certainly not a coincidence…” 

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Anonymous said:

There's a dead bishop on the landing, ma'am.

Then call the Church police, it’s not my problem.

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